The Summer of Toffie and Grummer

Roll on holiday from hell! Forced to spend the summer holiday with her recently widowed grandmother while her deadbeat mom goes into rehab, Beatrice Wellbeloved knows the only way to get her granny (Grummer) off her back is to find her a new husband. But when Beatrice enlists the category-one loser Toffie’s help in her project, she discovers that all is not what is seems and the best laid plans can go wrong.

The Summer of Toffie and Grummer was first published by Oxford University Press in South Africa in February 2008 and was shortlisted for the English Academy’s 2010 Percy FitzPatrick prize for Youth Literature. It was published in the UK by Hot Key Publishers as I Heart Beat in 2014.




MOVE over Jacqueline Wilson — Edyth Bulbring is the new queen of fiction for today’s pubescent, and the best news is that she is South African. I was delighted to find myself absolutely hooked after just a few pages –  Amanda Lorentz, The Weekender

Highly recommended. One of the better books for Grades 8–10 I’ve come across – Lona Gericke (IBBY website)

With a generous dose of sheer wit, this book makes for a splendid read and is bound to leave you in stitches – Courtenay Luckay (Gr. 8 Settlers High School, Cape Town)

This is a funny and totally awesome novel – Tamryn Momsen Age: 10



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