Cornelia Button and the Globe of Gamagion

Cornelia Button’s dream is to be a famous singer, but she can’t sing for toffee. Her sister Maude is furious about the birth of her baby brother and wants to be a gypsy princess so that she can cast spells and make him disappear. And their friend, Zwelabo Maluleke, wants to be a brave hero like his mysterious, absent father. Cornelia’s Aunty Hilda tells Cornelia she can be anything she wants to be if she can imagine it. The secret to realising their dreams is their father’s globe, which has special qualities. So the children spin Mr Button’s globe which opens the doorway to the Kingdom of Gamagion. Everything is perfect until Gamagion comes under attack from the Master of Evil, Darko Drogbarl. Cornelia is tasked by the King of Gamagion to find the weapon to destroy this monster and bring peace to the divided Kingdom.

Cornelia Button and the Globe of Gamagion was published by Jacana in South Africa in April 2008.



What a wonderful novel for children! – Lisa-Marie Els, Daily News

Fantasy story with SA background to delight children – Mike Oetlle, The Herald


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