Snitch is the award-winning book of the 2017 M.E.R Prize for the best English or Afrikaans youth novel. And you can check out the YouTube video.

High schools are jungles. And there are rules for surviving. All teenagers need to know these rules. They’re pretty simple:  never let your mom drive you to school in her dressing-gown. Never let her comment on your Facebook page. Never let her choose your clothes. Especially not your underwear.Common sense, right? Thirteen-year-old Ben Smith, flying under the radar at St David’s, a rugby-worshipping school, knew all the rules. His mom knew them, too. That’s why he trusted her to be cool.But then Ben broke the most important rule of all: never tell your mom stuff. First, he spilled the beans, then she did. And all hell broke loose. Ben wasn’t Ben, Benno, Ben-dude anymore. He was the rat, the weasel, the sneak. He was Snitch.

Snitch was published by Tafelberg in May 2016.


It’s magnificently entertaining and horribly accurate. (Should be compulsory reading for all mothers.) – Jay Heale, Children’s Book Network

I loved Snitch. Why, you may ask, as I’m 54 and it’s written for teenagers under 15? It’s well written gripping and beautifully told. I was thoroughly engaged on every page. Get it for your teen, but read it to get a glimpse of how they think – Juice magazine, August 2016

I wish Edyth Bulbring had been writing when I was young, but being a good 40 years older than her target market has not prevented me from enjoying her books. Snitch takes us into an environment at which Bulbring excels, the South African high school – that hive of teenagers, teachers and trouble. Ben Smith, 13, illustrates the 18 rules of surviving school, and suffers the dire consequences of breaking rule No 15: Never Tell Your Mom Stuff – Aubrey Paton, The Sunday Times, July 2016

A brilliantly written utterly believable story of a boy and his experiences as a teenager in a school environment, but also with his family, Uncle Charlie , the dog Terror, the girl Elizabeth who he worships mostly from afar –  Lona Gericke

It’s a lovely story with many facets and if you’re a fan of the Spud series, you will enjoy Snitch by the wonderfully talented and humorous Edyth Bulbring – Stephanie Saville, The Witness




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