Melly, Mrs Ho and Me

When April-May February wins a bursary to a posh school – Trinity College – she has no idea that she is about to meet her nemesis – the uptight, rule-obsessed Mrs Ho. Suddenly the future looks bleak – homework must be handed in on time, proper school uniform must be worn, vampire novels must not be read in class – that is, unless April-May can find a way to stop Mrs Ho in her tracks. So begins a power-struggle that will see Trinity College become a battleground and suck in the people April-May loves the most – her permanently horrified father, Fluffy, and her new best friend, the mouth-breather Melly.

Melly, Mrs Ho and Me was first published by Penguin in South Africa in September 2010. It was published in the UK by Hot Key Publishers as A Month with April-May in 2013.




I devoured it in one sitting but the book passed the acid test when my teenage daughter enjoyed it too, seduced initially by Bulbring’s wit and humour but compelled to keep reading even as the story got darker by the sheer excellence of the writing –  Library Thing

Laugh out loud and funny but also bittersweet – Library Thing

Aimed at teens, Bulbring’s books are not exclusively the realm of the pubescent – Stephanie Saville, The Witness


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